Frequently Asked Questions

As a nanny agency owner servicing areas in both Sydney and Perth, I spend my day speaking with busy parents.

Whether I’m talking to a single mum who needs support to collect her 5-year-old from daycare in the afternoons, or a corporate family who travel regularly and would like a household manager to hold down the fort at home, their questions are often the same.

Their primary need is to arrange quality care for their children, and it’s my mission to ensure Select Sitters does our best to bring peace of mind.

Here I’ve put together a few frequently asked questions by both parents and nannies. But of course, if I can assist you with a specific enquiry, or if you would simply like to have a conversation to discuss your needs, please do get in touch.

How much does it cost to hire a nanny or babysitter for my children?

These fees really do vary, depending upon multiple factors such as the nanny’s degree of experience and education (therefore determining an hourly rate), and also the agency’s fee.

Will the nanny do any extra duties, such as cooking or tidying the kitchen etc.?

Generally speaking, we always advise that nannies and babysitters should only be responsible for the duties directly relating to the care of the children. Therefore most nannies and babysitters will do some light tidying and arranging of the kitchen to clean up after children’s meal times. Some will also see to the children’s laundry needs. However, your nanny or babysitter should not be viewed as a housekeeper, nor maid.

With that being said, it is important to us as your nanny and babysitting agency that we create the perfect care solutions for your family. Our aim is to see to your specific needs, and to find the perfect match.

For example, you might want your nanny to pass by the dry cleaners on their way home from school pick up with the kids. Or as they walk past by the grocery store after the weekly gymbaroo session, it might be helpful if they popped in and picked up a few food bits to keep the school lunches going for the next few days. It might even be that after a particularly busy day, and a few friends around, the kids have managed to drag sand, paper, and glitter through the lounge room and a quick 2 minute hoover of the carpet would make all the difference.

If these kind of tasks are important your family dynamic, then we do encourage you to communicate your needs with us. If we are aware of your requests and expectations, we’ll do our best to source a nanny or babysitter who welcomes the addition to their regular duties. In such an instance, we encourage all parties to communicate expectations clearly so that nannies don’t fall victim to ‘job creep,’ and also to ensure first and foremost, the immediate care of the child(ren) is always the main priority.

Our aim is to make the process simple and stress-free, and we pride ourselves on our high standards and our ability to adapt to each families unique needs.


We provide nannies and babysitters in both Sydney and Perth.

Will the nanny be reliable, and can I count on them?

As a nanny agency in Sydney and Perth, we specialise in placing nannies and babysitters into positions where they have the scope to make a difference on a child’s life. For this to happen, we recruit only those carers who are passionate about their career, and who conduct themselves professionally.

What happens if my nanny is sick or unable to work?

When you hire a nanny or babysitter for your family, you should draw up and have both parties in agreement to the terms of employment (whether that is for a casual booking or a permanent arrangement). At times, it may occur that your carer falls ill themselves, or is unable to attend work (just as it happens in all other work forces).

Your nanny should give you as much notice as possible if they are unable to attend, and you should communicate clearly with your carer so that they are aware of your needs and expectations. If you do find yourself in need of a temporary backup carer, you’re welcome to get in touch.

Can we expect the nanny to fit in with our family dynamic?

All good nannies should follow and adapt to the family’s lifestyle, save for instances in where the nanny may be of the opinion that the child’s health, wellbeing and safety is in jeopardy.

I wish for my nanny to support the Montessori method. Is this possible?

If you wish for your nanny or babysitter to continue child development methods that you practise in the home, then it’s always best to seek a nanny who has prior experience in this field. It’s not uncommon for nannies to have a background in child development and early years education, and so we do our best to match the nanny’s experience and philosophies with that of yours and your family’s.

Do you meet all of your nannies and babysitters?

When a nanny or babysitter registers with us, we first take detailed information about them, their career and previous work experience, and document their certificates and industry compliance. All Select Sitters carers have been screened, reference checked, and interviewed by us prior to meeting with you.

If we feel the applicant fits the ethos of a Select Sitter carer, we then conduct a number of interviews (either face-to-face or via Skype video). We like to remain in contact and in regular communication with all of our nannies and babysitters to stay updated on their bookings and to support whenever we can.