Our Christmas Gift Guide On Giving Gifts To Children

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A Last-Minute Guide To Gift Giving This Christmas

Because regardless of whether they’ve been naughty or nice, sometimes you need a helping hand to make the Christmas spirit count.

If you’re not sure what to buy the kids for Christmas, you’re not alone! I find it’s always a struggle between wanting to get them something special and unique, but also fulfil some of their Christmas wish list. I also want to do my best to ensure the gift will be memorable, and perhaps even, educational.

So here’s what to buy the little ones for Christmas…

Whilst the kids always hope for toys, I always try to make it something of value. A gift that is enriching in some way goes a long way in my books. You also want the Christmas gift to be something that will stand the test of time, and are still around past January 1st.

It’s also good to note that non-toy gifts can be just as fun, like books, and they’ll most likely teach skills and create memories. If you are going down the non-toy route, you’d do well to do a little research and find out whether the item is going to appeal to the recipient.

For example, if you’ve got a very curious little one who’s about to go to school in the new year, then a book filled with things to learn and answers to the endless questions could be just what they’re looking for. Or if you’ve got a budding young artist, a colouring in activity book or a “how to draw” book could be the stocking filler that they’ll treasure for months to come.

So to help you on your merry-little way as you make the trek through the shops this Christmas, our friendly Santa’s Elves have put together a Christmas Gift Guide to inspire you beyond the toy aisles.

A last minute guide to gift giving at Christmas for the kids, with Select Sitters and Natalie Stitt

1. Books

A book is a traditional favourite and to be honest, a personal go-to option. Whilst somewhat underrated, there truly is nothing quite like ripping the wrapping paper off a new Harry Potter book to keep you busy all through Boxing Day! Or if you’re not quite sure of their reading level or interest, a gift voucher to a local bookstore is also an option.

2. Board Games

Board games and card games really do make fabulous Christmas gifts. They’re fun and engaging, often promote teamwork and family time, and is something they can play with over and over again. Whilst the classics – Monopoly, Cluedo, Go Fish, and Guess Who – are always winners, you won’t go wrong with anything themed around knowledge and numbers.

3. Stationery and Accessories

Schooling, learning, colouring and writing is always more fun when you’ve got funky stationery. From golf foil tipped pencils, to flamingo themed paper, there’s so much to choose from at the moment. Whether you’ve got a creative writer or a soon-to-be architect, you’ll find many must-have items in all spectrums of your budget.

4. Puzzles

Great for the brain and great for some quiet time, puzzles are perfect fun for everyone from toddler, right up to adulthood. A good 3000 piece puzzle is always a must-do over the long Summer holidays (just make sure you’ve got space on the dining table to set it and leave it), and the funky animal piece puzzles are good for those little ones who just want to get in on the “big kids” action.

5. Craft

Craft kits can come big and small, which are great for a complete project. But for the DIY crafter, it’s always nice to get some smaller packs and bits to re-stock the craft box. Stickers, new paints, and packs of coloured pipe cleaners can provide hours of fun!

6. Cooking or Baking

I love kids learning a new life skill, and being proficient in the kitchen is an excellent skill to have! A DIY gift-set with a cookbook and some cookie cutters, or maybe a recipe and some ingredients to get them started, will go a long way to starting them off on their Master Chef careers. To inspire the young chef, I’d recommend a sushi mat, seaweed and a bag of sticky sushi rice!

7. Garden

It certainly is a skill to have a green thumb, and it’s also a wonderful experience to watch and make something grow. You can get some lovely children’s gardening kits, or maybe a pot and some herbs or pretty flowers at very inexpensive prices at most garden shops and supermarkets.

A last minute guide to gift giving at Christmas for the kids, with Select Sitters and Natalie Stitt

8. Sporting

We love keeping kids active and healthy, so something for outdoor play is brilliant. A kick board and goggles, a new ball, a bike helmet, skipping ropes, or even a sprinkler for splashing about in on hot days are all good gift ideas. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

9. Music

I’ll admit, I’ve got a 12-month old nephew who loves to bash and bang things, and I think he’s perfectly primed for a drum kit – it’s both a sensory and auditory experience that’s too good to miss out on! At the introductory levels, there are so many different musical instrument options, so you don’t need to spend too much to find what you’re after. Even a new CD for the car, or a music based DVD are great options.

10. Outings and Activity Days

Stuck for ideas? Museum tickets or exhibition tickets, movie tickets, yearly passes to the Zoo, entry to your local pool, or tickets to a music or sporting event are great crowd pleasers! Whether it’s a new experience, or money towards visiting their favourite place (ahem, Harry Potter world in London) these make wonderful gifts, and often ones that go down in the gift giving hall of fame.

As you can see, there really are so many options when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for the kids. You don’t always have to fill the stocking with toys that require expensive batteries to power it and likely break before you’ve even learned how to use it.

What do you think makes a memorable gift for children?

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